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Halcyon tells the story of four heroines who accidentally find truth while pursuing their mercenary fee.  Set in a small mountain valley, Athena, a hired hand, builds a small warparty to run errands -- and stumbles upon the truth of an ancient myth along the way.

* Choose your weapon! Build a party of four heroines, customizable based on the weapon they use.

*Grind skills, not levels! Grow stonger and upgrade skills by usage instead of leveling!

*Outstrategize your foes! Borrowed from Moba-games, skills run on a cooldown system instead of mana.  Manage your cooldowns properly to claim victory!

*Become a legend! Explore the valley of Halcyon and unravel the truth about the apocalyptic myth, the Day of Orlos, and what role Athena plays in the grand scheme...

Decipher between Truth and Myth in Veritas: Halcyon!

EDIT:  4/7/19 -- Halcyon 1.1 Uploaded:

*Fixed missing dialogue

*Fixed events that were on action button instead of on touch.

*Added item descriptions and weapon descriptions.  

*Fixed Angel's Breath.


halcyon1.1.zip 241 MB

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